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A Common Question I Receive as a Doula

Some of the first & most frequently asked questions when people learn that I’m a doula relate to the types of births that I’ve had with my own babies.

It’s a common misconception that doulas are only homebirthing hippies who are mainly for families planning to labor unmedicated, or out of the hospital. I like to bust those myths!

While I don’t often chat about my births with clients, when I’m asked about them I’m more than happy to answer. My first daughter’s birth (a hospital induction + shoulder dystocia) led me to birthwork, so naturally it is a big part of my story. This curiosity is a great opportunity to educate, in my eyes!

My own birth experiences have been quite the variety and all have taken place in the hospital setting.

I’ve been supported by doulas (who were both incredible!) for two out of three of my births, which ended up being cesareans for the sake of my health. My second baby was originally going to be brought earthside at home with a team of local midwives, but a hospital transfer & cesarean became the safest option for us at the time. I was planning a VBAC for my last baby, but our repeat cesarean was more peaceful than I could have imagined!

Birth is a great teacher and I've learned something new with each of mine, as well as the those that I support as a doula.

Being asked about my birth stories gives me a chance to share that:

  • Doulas are valuable for every type of birth — not just unmedicated, out of hospital births!

  • Hospital births aren’t inherently bad. Knowledge of your options & rights can help you have an empowered experience.

  • Out of hospital birth is a safe option for the majority of low risk pregnancies. It is worth looking into!

  • You have options even if you’re labeled as high risk.

  • Cesarean births can be positive experiences & family-centered belly births can make all of the difference.

While I haven't personally had a home birth, I am honored to be invited into every type of birth space - whether that happens to be in your home, in a birth center, at the hospital, or wherever you feel safest.

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