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Hannah Greenwood, Full Spectrum Doula & Certified Body Ready Method Pro


Located in the Northeast Florida area, I provide compassionate & trauma-informed support for all families across the full spectrum of reproduction - including pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, loss, postpartum, adoption, and surrogacy.

I'm passionate about helping families achieve informed & empowering birth experiences.

I would be honored to support you as your family grows!


Full-spectrum prenatal & birth support for expectant families — I have two birth support package options for those in North Florida, as well as virtual doula support & 1:1 birth planning or processing sessions.

Birth support packages are always customizable to fit your needs!

"She helped to create a calm birthing environment in a hospital room that was so full of love you could feel it in the air... I have never felt so strong and so seen than when I had her with us, acting as the perfect glue to my dream team in birth and entry to motherhood."


For those in Northeast Florida (Clay, Duval, & St. John's county), I take on a limited number of in-person clients to make sure I can give you the care & attention you deserve, as I am a full-time mama in addition to a doula!
I have two package options for birth support: The Essentials and Birth & Beyond. More info about these packages can be found at the Services tab. If you're looking for support that differs from what is outlined in these packages, let's chat about how we can individualize them for your needs - doula care is not one-size-fits-all!


I offer virtual doula services for families that are not located in Northeast Florida & who I am unable to support in person — with current hospital guidelines sometimes my physical support becomes virtual, and we can work with that!

I thoroughly prepare my virtual families prior to baby day, just as I do my local families. 

1-on-1 Birth Prep Consultations

The way we perceive our birth experiences has such an impact on the postpartum period, & knowledge really is power. Many families are unaware that they have a say in the care that they receive, & that they have rights protecting their ability to choose their care. As a birthworker I believe that being fully informed in decision-making is key to having an empowering experience.
For those who are looking to chat about their options over their pregnancy & birth, but aren’t looking to purchase a full support package, I’m happy to offer individual consultations! 
These 2-hour consultations are a wonderful opportunity to ask questions & receive evidence-based research on an extensive list of perinatal topics. 

Reach out to me via email, text, or the Contact Me button to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we would be a good fit! I would love to support you as your family grows.

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I had a love for birth long before I thought-up Endless Love Doula Care. After my first daughter’s birth in 2019, my passion was solidified — this was exactly where I was meant to be! Birth is such a sacred & transformational experience. I believe that everyone is worthy of being supported & empowered in their choices as they grow their family.

I support all types of birth, whether it be in the hospital, at home, or in a birth center. I also provide virtual support for those out of my area, or who are unable to have me physically with them. Doulas aren’t just for those wanting unmedicated home births — they’re for everyone & anyone that wants one! Our value doesn’t decrease once an epidural is placed, or if the course of the birth changes. I’m proud to support all of the different ways birth can look. 

Over the years I’ve gained a special love for matters related to pelvic floor health & how to best support the body while pregnant. I dealt with pelvic floor injuries after the instrumental birth of my oldest, and learned that so much of what I had gone through could have been preventable. I found the Body Ready Method course in summer 2021 & signed up immediately! Over 15 weeks I was taught all that I could hope to know about biotensegrity & how the tissues of the body are interconnected. I learned valuable information on alignment, & now know how much of an impact everyday habits, posture, & breathing have on the body prenatally, postpartum & beyond! These teachings are truly game-changing for birth preparation & I’m thrilled to be able to share this knowledge to the families I work with. 

I am so grateful to have found a passion in birthwork, as it is truly where I feel I’m meant to be. As a mother of three daughters, I hope to shift the paradigm of prenatal care & empower through body literacy for generations beyond. 



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