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I was only a few months into my doula training with Birth Arts International when “Endless Love” came to me as the name for my doula services, as my wish to all whom I work with is that they continually feel heard, cared for, supported, & confident in their choices. 

This is a safe space for all, and I am proud of that. Endless Love Doula Care is pro-inclusion, integrative medicine, informed consent, & evidence-based care. I am LGBTQ+ friendly and you'll often see inclusive language used throughout my media. 

Birthwork is emotional, sacred, challenging, and can be physically demanding. All birthworkers have their “why” for doing this work, and the birth stories of my three daughters are a large part of mine. 

Thinking back to 17-year-old me finding out she was pregnant, I wish I would have had a better support system as I navigated all of the changes, emotions, & challenges I faced. I strive to provide the support that I wish I had on my own journey. This work is personal for me, & I care so deeply about my clients.

I sincerely look forward to supporting you.

With gratitude,

Hannah Greenwood

My Education & Training:

Birth Arts International - Birth Doula Training (2020)

Body Ready Method Professional Training (Certified in 2022)

Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula Training (2022)

Introduction to HIPAA for CHWs (Completed in 2023)

Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings - Full Spectrum Doula Training (2023)

CPR & First Aid (August 2023)

Caring for Pregnancy After Loss Patients (2024)

Birth Monopoly - Obstetric Violence: What It Is and What Community Can Do About It (2024)

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