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This is a safe space for all, & I am so grateful for that. Endless Love Doula Care is pro-inclusion, LGBTQ+, integrative medicine, informed consent, & evidence-based care. 

I was only a few months into my doula training with Birth Arts International when “Endless Love” came to me as the name to this business, because that is the care that I wish to provide my clients. My wish to all that I work with is that they continually feel heard, cared for, supported, & confident in their choices. 

Birthwork is emotional, sacred, challenging, and can be physically demanding. All birthworkers have their “why” for doing this work, & the birth stories of my three daughters are a large part of mine. 

Pregnancy is an absolutely transformative experience. Thinking back to 17-year-old me finding out she was pregnant, I wish I would have had a better support system as I navigated all of the changes, emotions, & challenges I faced. I strive to provide the support that I wish I had on my own journey. This work is personal for me, & I care so deeply about my clients. I sincerely look forward to supporting you.

- Hannah Greenwood

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