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I'm so grateful to each & every soul that allows me to hold space for them during such a sacred time in their lives. Below are my client reviews & testimonials - I'll forever cherish these experiences!

"I absolutely adored having Hannah as my doula. She did everything in her power to make sure I had a smooth birthing process. I used her services virtually as my hospital still had restrictions due to COVID but, I would've had her with me if I were able! She was there as much or as little as I needed her and was always there to pick up the phone or answer my messages. She is a lovely soul and is judgement free, she's there to help you make informed decisions through your pregnancy, birth, and even postpartum."

- Ciara, 2021

"Even states apart Hannah was able to help guide and support me through a VBAC! I was in prodromal labor for about a month before our son was born and she was so supportive and compassionate through every problem that popped up while I was pregnant (and there were a lot of problems). Being able to talk about my labor and birth after my son was born really helped me process everything that happened. I couldn't recommend a better long distance doula!"

- Autumn, 2021

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