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To The Mama With Birth Trauma

Hey, mama. I know what it’s like having to care for yourself & a new, tiny human after having a traumatic birth, & I feel for you. I also know what it’s like to realize that you had a traumatic birth, months after it happened.

I want you to know that each & every one of your feelings is valid, & that if you believe that you had a traumatic birth — you did. Please don’t ever feel as though you need to defend the way you feel, because birth is not black & white. Even the most positive birth experiences can unfortunately have lingering negative feelings associated with them.

Be gentle with yourself as you heal, & allow yourself to feel each emotion as they flow. You may no longer be growing a baby, but your body is still changing & wounds can still be fresh, no matter how long postpartum you are. You will get your healing. You deserve healing.

Know that your worth as a mother or parent is not determined by your birth experience, & that you are so much more than the trauma you experienced.

Don’t feel shame in taking a moment to let the tears flow freely. You have gone through so much, mama. Let the tears come.

You have been so strong, for so long.

Rest & nourish your body, heal her with gentle touch. Eat warm, nurturing foods, drink hot tea, & sleep. Feel no pressure to do everything yourself. Delegate help for household tasks. Baby yourself; you deserve it. Time heals. Therapists & friends can help, too.

I’m here for you, & right there with you. You aren’t alone in this, & you will find healing.

So much love to you.

- Hannah Felise

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