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Most impactful training I’ve taken as a doula: Body Ready Method

I learned of the Lindsay McCoy’s passion for dynamic birth preparation in the summer of 2021, and was absolutely in awe of her knowledge. I attended a live workshop that was offered and upon finishing it, I immediately signed up for Cohort 1 of their professional training that began in September 2021.

Over the course of 15 weeks I learned game-changing techniques to help better support the families I care for in my work as a doula, and became a total nerd for body mechanics too! In February 2022, I was certified as the first BRM Pro here in Northeast Florida.

The wisdom I gained from @bodyreadymethod has been priceless these last two years of birthwork, and even in my own healing after having three babies and two cesarean births! Between pelvic floor physical therapy and BRM, I felt so strong during my last pregnancy & postpartum recovery.

I bring the ✨ BRM magic ✨ to each and every birth I attend, and the positive birth stories speak for themselves! I could not be more grateful to have found this training and community of birth professionals.

I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing worldwide team of paradigm shifters! #sharetheBRMlove 🙌🏼💞

🤰🏻 If you’re currently expecting, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring the exercise programs BRM has to offer, as well as working with a BRM Pro if you have one in your area — check the directory on their website to see who is local!

If you’re a birthworker and are interested in signing up for Cohort 4 of the BRM training, feel free to send me a message.

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